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How Orthotics Help Children’s Feet

A lot of our parents say, “How do I know if my child has a foot problem?” And our answer is, “If you see any abnormalities in the way your child walks – if they’re pigeon toed or bow legged or they turn in, they should be evaluated.” We find that many pediatricians will usually tell parents that the child is going to outgrow a problem. Pediatricians don’t see the children as young adults as we do. We find that if children walk improperly, it throws off their gait and their posture.

We can help! We use orthotics to correct in-toeing and out-toeing gait. We use orthotics to correct flat feet. We find that children will respond well to orthotics. They will stand up better. They will have better posture. They will perform better in activities. Our suggestion is that if you have any questions about your child’s ability to walk or run or they look like they are out of balance, make an appointment at Richardson Podiatry Center. We want to help them.