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Treatments to Improve the Appearance of Your Toenails

http://www.richardsonpodiatrycenter.com Do you have thickened, ugly, discolored toenails? You probably have a nail fungus. Here at Richardson Podiatry Center, we treat nail fungus. But I think before any treatment starts, usually we need to take a nail specimen and send it to our lab to make sure you have a nail fungus. Over the years of experience treating nail fungus, I’ve seen people go through treatments for what they think is nail fungus, but they never had fungus. What they had was a damaged toenail. So in order to start any type of treatment here at Richardson Podiatry Center, we do a thorough examination to make sure you have nail fungus before we discuss treatment options.

Here at Richardson Podiatry Center, once we confirm a positive fungus in your toenail, I will go over the treatment options. There are many treatment options including topical medication and oral medication. If you have a toenail fungus, there’s no quick fix for the treatment of a fungus.  Here at Richardson Podiatry Center, we have oral medications, which have been available for 20 years and are highly effective and safe. We have topical medications, which can also be very effective when there’s minimal amount of fungus in the toenail. If you do not have a fungus in the nail but you want improvement in the appearance of the toenail, we also have treatment options that will improve the appearance of your toenail.