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Remove the Warts from Your Feet

Some children think warts are something that happen from touching a frog or toad. Those with active imaginations may associate these unsightly growths with witches. As an adult, you know, of course, that neither of these are actually the case. You probably also know warts can be difficult to get rid of, but there’s no need to worry if you have one – Dr. Gene Reister can help.

In addition to being unsightly, plantar warts can be the source of pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing an issue on account of a plantar wart, contact Richardson Podiatry Center and request an appointment today!

Treating a Plantar Wart

When it comes to plantar wart treatment, the first thing that needs to be discussed is the matter of home care.

Plantar Wart RemovalThere are various over-the-counter treatment kits you can buy at retail stores and nationwide pharmacy chains, but taking this route contains a couple of potential problems. First, these kits have a spotty track record and may or may not actually resolve the problem for you. Second, and more importantly, off-the-shelf wart treatment kits pose the risk of damaging your healthy skin surrounding the offensive growth.

Some people bypass wart removal kits in favor of performing their own “home surgery,” but this is an even worse idea! Since warts are viral, cutting one off your skin does not actually take care of the problem. Plus, if you try cutting into your flesh on your own at home, you are setting yourself up for the possibility of contracting a dangerous infection.

A better idea than trying to tackle it on your own is to have a professional like Dr. Reister handle it for you. Our office is equipped to properly treat a viral growth with the use of topical medication, injections, or incision, depending on your specific case. Even better, we are pleased to offer a new form of wart treatment here at Richardson Podiatry Center – TransDermSolutionsTM.

TransDermSolutionsTM is an advanced treatment option that can effectively remove warts in just 24 hours. This is a marked improvement over previous forms of wart treatment, especially the aforementioned over-the-counter kits. There are no needles, no freezing, no burning, and no electrosurgery. Dr. Reister has been practicing podiatric medicine for many years, and he is so impressed with the results from TransDermSolutionsTM that he has decided to offer it at our practice.

How to Prevent Warts

Dr. Reister can certainly provide professional treatment for a plantar wart, but we are willing to bet you’d rather simply avoid developing one in the first place. Here are some tips you can use to lower your odds of contracting a wart:

  • Viruses (and other microbial organisms) thrive in damp, warm environments. Common places for infection include indoor pools, gym locker rooms, and shower areas. Reduce your risk for picking up the virus by wearing clean shower shoes or sandals in any of these locations.
  • Since a virus needs a pathway into the body, take measures to protect your feet and prevent the skin from becoming injured or breaking down. Since wet skin is more easily damaged, a smart way to help keep your feet safe is to keep them dry as much as possible.
  • Given that they are highly contagious by touch, one prevention method is to avoid making direct contact with either someone else’s wart or touching your own and then a different part of your body. If you do come into contact with a wart, wash your hands with antibacterial soap immediately to prevent contamination.
  • In addition to avoiding direct contact, do not share socks, shoes, towels or razors with anyone else. Even if someone is not displaying any symptoms, he or she may still be carrying the virus.

Where Warts Come From

Warts come from a viral infection. The responsible virus is the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is quite common and has over 100 different strains. Most of these strains do not actually cause plantar warts and, interestingly enough, a strain that may cause a wart for one person might not for the next (even if a close relative like a sibling or child). Whether or not you develop a wart in response to the virus depends on both the particular strain and your own body.

A common misconception about these viral bumps is that the dark spots you can usually see in the center of a wart are “seeds” of some sort that will cause additional warts to form. In reality, those dark spots are actually the ends of capillaries, and not part of the wart. Even though they don’t have seeds or anything along those lines, warts are still contagious. It is easy to pass along the virus and infect other individuals.

Professional Wart Removal

If preventative methods do not work as you had hoped, or you are already dealing with this condition, Richardson Podiatry Center is here to help with any of your wart removal needs. Simply give us a call at (972) 690-5374 or use our online form and request your appointment at our Richardson, TX office today.