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Cysts: Understanding Those Lumps under Your Skin

There can be many strange occurrences when it comes to the human body. One that you may experience at some point in your life is a lump that develops under the surface of your skin. When this happens on the top of your foot, it may be something we call a ganglion cyst. Learning about this condition may help alleviate any immediate alarm.Man holding foot

What is a Ganglion Cyst?

These knot-like masses are noncancerous, filled with a thick fluid, and vary in size. They develop under your skin, causing it to bump up. The same lump may grow and shrink over time and disappear altogether, but then return in the future. They often occur near joints or are attached to a tendon.

No one is entirely sure what causes these fluid-sacs to form, but there might be an association with physical trauma, whether from a single incident or repeated micro-trauma.

What Symptoms Accompany a Cyst?

The first symptom that you are likely to notice is bump itself. The lump on your foot had previously not been there, but there is a decent chance this will be the only sign of the condition. Should the mass form against a nerve, you may experience tingling or burning sensations. When it presses against a joint or a tendon in your foot, there may be a dull ache or pain. In a similar manner, shoes can also cause pain or irritation when the insides press against the bump.

What Options are There for Treating A Cyst?

Various options may provide effective treatment. The first is simply to monitor the condition. If you have one of these bumps and it is not causing any difficulty, then there may not be any need to do anything about it. That said, we would like to keep an eye on it just to make sure no issues develop.

Wearing shoes may cause pain or irritation when the top part on the inside rubs against the bump. When this is the case, we recommend switching to footwear that offers more room. Another helpful approach for this situation is to use a pad for cushioning inside the shoe to relieve pressure.

Do not attempt this at home, but our office can drain the fluid inside the cyst. Trying this on your own can create a worse situation, so leave it to the professionals. In addition to draining it, we will also inject the mass with a steroid medication. This process will typically require more than one session, but it may be successful for you.

In some cases, after conservative treatment options have been exhausted, surgery may be the best choice to care for the undesirable symptoms. When we reach that point, we will carefully discuss this option so you are aware of everything it entails and are comfortable making a decision on the matter.

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