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Skin Problems on Your Feet

Healthy skin and nailsOur feet are usually hidden under socks and shoes and, if we admit it, are often neglected until a problem arises. The truth is our feet are our main foundation—made of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, ligaments, and muscles. We put them in all kinds of shoes, expose them to various environments, and put a lot of pressure and demands on them in all the activities we do each day. Our feet can suffer, whether on the inside or on the surface. Skin conditions in particular are some of the most common—and sometimes most embarrassing and painful—foot problems. The good news is that at Richardson Podiatry Associates, we are able to treat each and every skin condition with expert care and restore the health of your feet.

Athlete’s Foot

This condition is a fungal infection in the skin of the foot. When your feet are repeatedly warm and moist, they provide an environment for the fungus to grow. The infection usually starts between the toes but can spread to other parts of your foot and even your nails and hands. Symptoms include red skin, scaling, burning, itching, and blisters. Treatment is necessary to eliminate this type of infection.

Corns & Calluses

Thick, hardened, dead skin is at the root of both of these skin conditions, and it forms due to repetitive pressure or friction on your feet. It is a natural defense the skin uses as a way to protect itself from injury. Corns usually form on the sides of your feet and tops of your toes. A soft corn can also form in between toes. Calluses usually form on the ball of the foot, your heel, or on the base of the big toe. The build up of skin can put pressure on the tissues underneath and both of these skin problems can become painful without treatment.

Foot Odor

Bacteria that break down sweat and moisture on your feet cause foot odor. The bacteria can thrive in your shoes and socks, and then the presence of sweaty feet leads to the odor. Foot odor can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Treatment addresses footwear, keeping feet clean and dry, and controlling the amount of moisture on your feet.


Plantar warts form on the sole of your foot and are caused by viruses. They are often harmless, but they can become embedded in the skin and cause pain when you step on your foot. The virus that causes these warts grows in warm, moist environments. You are at risk when walking barefoot in public pools and shower areas. A wart can spread and be stubborn to eliminate, but we can provide effective treatment options.


This is a serious wound on the foot that is common among those with diabetes. Neuropathy often means a small injury isn’t detected and becomes an ulcer, and poor circulation can slow down healing even more. Prompt treatment is imperative with a foot ulcer, as it can become seriously infected and possibly result in limb amputation.

Other common skin conditions that we treat on a regular basis include allergies, blisters, burning feet, cysts, frostbite, gangrene, lesions, psoriasis, and swelling. If you notice any skin problems like unusual growths, rashes, itchy skin, spots, lesions, or pigment change on your feet, contact Richardson Podiatry Associates for diagnosis and treatment. Even small or minor symptoms should be evaluated by Dr. Gene Reister if you have diabetes. Use our appointment request option online or call our Richardson, TX office at (972) 690-5374.