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Toenail Care Information

When you’re living with foot and ankle pain, you want as much help as you can get. Browse our library of articles and learn more about how you can give your feet the care and treatment they want.

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  • Athlete’s Foot Getting You Down? Get Help! Richardson Podiatry Associates provides care for a host of skin and nail issues that can affect the feet, including athlete’s foot.
  • Black Toenails Black toenails might be a cause of concern. You may be worrying "Why is my toenail black?" but worry not, Dr. Reister has the treatment options you need.
  • Athlete’s Foot Treatment Dr. Gene Reister at Richardson Podiatry Associates in Texas helps you understand athlete’s foot, including how to recognize, treat, and prevent it.
  • Stop Foot Odor Dr. Gene Reister in Richardson, TX discusses foot odor, including causes, treatment, and prevention. Dr. Reister also give tips for funky-smelling shoes.
  • Foot Melanoma: A Rare but Dangerous Cancer Some medical issues are more dangerous in nature than others. Foot melanoma, left untreated, is one of them, says Dr. Gene Reister in Richardson, TX.
  • Psoriasis Richardson Podiatry Associates provides effective foot and ankle care in Richardson, TX for a wide range of medical conditions, including psoriasis.
  • Bunionettes Bunion-like bumps that form on your fifth toe are known as bunionettes, and can be quite problematic, says Gene Reister, DPM of Richardson, TX
  • Corns and Calluses Calluses and corns might not seem like a big deal, but they can cause pain or even a risk of infection. Dr. Gene Reister discusses these skin issues.
  • Remove the Warts from Your Feet If you have a plantar wart on the bottom of your foot, come to the Richardson Podiatry Center for professional wart removal.
  • Understanding Foot Lesions Lesions are damage that is sustained by either injury or disease. Dr. Gene Reister breaks down this broad category and explains the different types.