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Understanding Foot Lesions

Here at Richardson Podiatry Associates, we treat our patients for a wide range of conditions that can be placed into general categories. Sports injuries, pediatric care, and biomechanical issues are some examples. Another broad category is lesions. The conditions that fall into this category range in severity, but they are all potentially dangerous for diabetic individuals.Healing a Foot


Wounds that happen on your feet meet the criteria for lesions sustained through injury. Whenever you incur damage to your foot, it is important to treat it properly to avoid infection. For people with diabetes (PWD), a foot wound that goes untreated can lead to a serious medical condition, including amputation.

When neuropathy (nerve damage) accompanies your diabetes and you cannot tell when you have been cut, scraped, or otherwise injured by sensation alone, you need to rely on a daily foot inspection. This is part of basic diabetic foot care, but so is protecting your feet by always wearing shoes and checking the insides for foreign objects before you put them on.

Additionally, you need to take quick action when you discover a foot wound. Take appropriate care for immediate first aid and then seek medical help.

Corns and Calluses

These forms of lesions are quite common, caused as a defensive measure by your body, and generally do not cause any harm. Even though they are often harmless, corns and calluses can be of major concern for PWDs. In time, they can turn into ulcers that place an individual with this illness at risk for serious medical problems.


Warts also do not generally pose much threat for an otherwise healthy individual. Those who are diabetic, however, need to be careful with anything that is out of the ordinary, including these lesions.

Warts are caused by an especially common virus known as human papillomavirus (HPV) and are contagious to the point that almost everyone develops a wart at some point. The good news about these viral infections is that they will typically go away on their own, but understand, this may take up to a couple of years. If you do not want to wait that long or have concerns about complications in your diabetic foot, contact our office and schedule an appointment to have it taken care of by our professionals.

Bone Spurs

Just as corns and calluses come from your body trying to protect itself, this is also the case with bone spurs. When you face persistent pressure in an area, like behind your heel from shoes with rigid backs, your body will naturally start building up the bone tissue in the area with excess calcium deposits. Over time, you will notice a bony protrusion that can irritate soft tissues or inflame the bursa between the heel bone and Achilles tendon.


If the bump on your foot is not bony, but instead feels like it is full of liquid or gel, you likely have a cyst instead of a spur. These growths are internal swelling or tumors that develop on the covering of a tendon or the top of a joint. The jellylike material contained within a ganglion cyst is often similar to the lubricant that surrounds tendons and is found in your joints.

The majority of these cysts are harmless, but there are ones that are malignant (cancerous). That is why whenever you find a strange bump on your foot you should have our office examine it for you.


Another type of lesion that is rare, but quite important to note, is melanoma. This particular lesion is a deadly form of cancer. Contributing to the serious nature of melanoma is the fact that it is typically not discovered early in its development. When found in an advanced stage, the success rate for treatment is not nearly as effective as it could have been.

Take Your Foot Sores to the Richardson, TX Experts

There are various lesions that may develop on your feet, but Richardson Podiatry Associates is here to help no matter what you are facing. Contact our Richardson, TX office by calling us at (972) 690-5374 and schedule your appointment today.