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Conservative Bunion Treatment Methods

Bunions are a real source of pain for many residents here in our Richardson, TX community. These common deformities often happen as a result of structural issues in the feet and can be further exacerbated by certain footwear choices. Patients who come to see us with painful bunions are often relieved to find out that conservative bunion treatment options can be rather helpful.

before after bunion treatment diagramWhen an individual develops a bunion, the only way to completely correct the condition is with surgical procedures. Fortunately, this is only necessary in certain cases. Surgery is usually reserved as an option for bunions that cause severe symptoms or restrict movement to the point that daily activities have become difficult. Otherwise, conservative treatment can be successful for addressing common bunion symptoms.

Nonsurgical treatment focuses on options that include:

  • Footwear Changes – Choosing shoes that have wide, deep toe boxes will give your toes plenty of space and reduce pressure and irritation on the bunion. It is best to avoid shoes that have high heels and pointy toes, since they increase levels of pain and discomfort.
  • Medications – Reducing pain and inflammation can be achieved with the use of medications like ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetaminophen. We will recommend particular types and dosages based on several factors, so be sure to connect with us first.
  • Icing – Ice can soothe an irritated bunion and provide relief from soreness and inflammation. Check with our office to find out what we recommend for frequency and duration of icing sessions.
  • Splinting or Taping and Padding – These conservative options can alleviate pain and reduce stress on a bunion by placing the toe in a normal position.
  • Shoe Inserts – Prescription orthotic devices will work best with your unique feet and in accordance with your gait patterns, but some patients can find relief with the use of padded and over-the-counter shoe inserts. We can help you find inserts that work best for you.

Our hope at Richardson Podiatry Associates is that nonsurgical treatment methods will be able to effectively relieve symptoms from foot and ankle conditions like bunions. When you come to see us, we will create a plan based on conservative bunion treatment methods and then monitor your condition to ensure that we see improvement.

Contact our Richardson, TX podiatry office for more information on the effective foot and ankle care services we provide by calling (972) 690-5374. If you’d prefer, request your appointment with us online today.