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Foot Biomechanics Information

When you’re living with foot and ankle pain, you want as much help as you can get. Browse our library of articles and learn more about how you can give your feet the care and treatment they want.

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  • Treatment for High Arches Cavus foot is a condition where the foot arches are excessively high. Dr. Gene Reister provides first-class treatment for this fairly common issue.
  • Gait Analysis: How You Walk Can Tell Us What You Need Gait analysis is a useful tool to help Dr. Gene Reister determine treatment plans that work for his patients at Richardson Podiatry Associates in Texas.
  • Flat Feet: When Low Arches Cause Issues It is possible to have flat feet without experiencing any trouble, but sometimes low arches do cause issues. Dr. Gene Reister discusses this condition.
  • Foot Arch Types Not all feet are the same. One of the key distinctions is the various foot arch types. Our expert podiatrist discusses why this is important, click for more!