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Will Exercise Affect my Diabetes?

How exercise affects diabetesExercise is beneficial for anyone wanting to stay in good health, but when it comes to exercise and diabetes, it needs to be an even more important part of your lifestyle. Exercise will affect your diabetes in a lot of good ways. First, aerobic and strength training can improve the way your body functions and can actually improve your ability to handle and control your blood sugar levels. It helps with circulation and increases your muscle strength, too. As you become more physically conditioned, your sensitivity to insulin also increases, not just during exercise, but long-term.

It is important to monitor your blood sugar levels before, during, and after exercise so you can learn how your body reacts and address any problems along the way. It is also important to choose activities that are safe and do not put your lower extremities at risk for injury, especially if you have neuropathy and reduced circulation.

If you have further questions about the effects of exercise and diabetes, or need any treatment for a diabetic foot problem, don’t wait to contact Dr. Gene Reister at Richardson Podiatry Associates. Call our office in Richardson, TX at (972) 690-5374.

Photo Credit: David Mark via Pixabay.com