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Why is there a bump on my baby toe?

If you have a bump on your baby toe, on the outside edge right where it meets the foot, then you have a condition known as a bunionette. This is a similar condition to a normal bunion, but it happens on the other side of the foot.

The bump is caused by a structural issue where the first bone in the toe starts pointing inwards towards the other toes. At the same time, the bone in your foot that leads up to the toe angles outwards. The two bones create a “sideways v” shape. It can help to think of that bump on your baby toe as the tip of the “v” and it will stick out further if those bones continue moving out of their intended alignments.

There are various causes of this condition, but the most common is footwear that has narrow toe boxes, like those found in stilettos, pumps, and other high-heeled shoes. As such, these are more likely to be found in women than men.

If you need treatment for either a bunion or a bunionette, contact Richardson Podiatry Associates by calling (972) 690-5374. You can also request an appointment with our Richardson, TX office online.