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Why is it Important to Check Diabetic Feet?

When you have diabetes, you are more susceptible to foot problems. As a result, it is vital for you to frequently check on, and provide extra care for, your diabetic feet. This condition may entail nerve damage which means that you could not even notice injuries or ulcers that occur on your feet. To make matters worse, poor circulation associated with the disease inhibits the healing process, so unnoticed wounds have more time to become dangerously infected. Even something as small as a scratch can turn into a major complication, including amputation. The best way to avoid serious issues, is to catch problems early. That’s why checking diabetic feet daily is an essential part of managing your disease.

Richardson Podiatry Associates in TX reminds you to remain vigilant in checking for any signs of trouble. Should you notice anything unusual, such as blisters, abrasions, red or dry skin, or temperature changes, call (972) 690-5374 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Gene Reister right away.