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Why does the ball of my foot hurt?

There are a few potential reasons you may be experiencing ball of foot pain. Here are some of the most common:

Metatarsalgia – Also known as a stone bruise, this is a condition that leads to inflammation and pain in the ball of your foot. It can be caused by high-impact activity or poor-fitting footwear.

Morton’s neuroma – This particular neuroma is most frequently developed between the base of the third and fourth toes. When the thickened tissue presses against a nerve, it causes burning, sharp pain in the forefoot.

Sesamoiditis – Sesamoids are tiny bones that do not connect in a traditional fashion to other bones. There are two located on the underside of the foot, right by the base of the big toe. When they irritate the surrounding soft tissue and cause inflammation and pain, it’s known as sesamoiditis.

No matter which root cause is leading to your forefoot pain, you can find the care and treatment you need here at Richardson Podiatry Associates. Give us a call at (972) 690-5374 or schedule your appointment with our Richardson, TX office online today.