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Why do my middle toes go numb?

Middle toes are numbThere are a couple of potential causes for numb middle toes, including conditions like neuromas and neuropathy.

Neuromas are nerve tissues that become thickened and enlarged due to external pressure. This pressure can come from various, normally-occurring tissues, but it is also sometimes caused by abnormal growths or tumors as well. A neuroma left untreated can become a permanent problem.

Whereas neuromas are caused by external factors, neuropathy is a condition wherein nerves become damaged and either cause faulty signals (which can lead to burning or tingling pain) or numbness. The condition is often associated with diabetes, but there are other causes, including vitamin deficiency, exposure to toxins, infections, and certain autoimmune disorders.

For an accurate diagnosis when you have numbness in your lower limbs, make sure you come see us here at Richardson Podiatry Associates. In addition to establishing the problem, we will also create an effective treatment plan for you. Call us at (972) 690-5374 for more information or, even better, schedule an appointment online and come see us here at our Richardson, TX office.