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Why are my Toenails Discolored?

Treating Discolored ToenailsWe don’t often give much thought to our toes, but if you see toenail discoloration, this is a symptom that warrants your attention. There are several reasons for discolored nails. Most commonly, signs of white, yellow, or green often indicate a fungal infection. Yellow toenails however, can also be indicative of diabetes, a weakened immune system, yellow nail syndrome, and chronic leg swelling (lymphedema). Changes in color can be symptomatic of liver, kidney, heart, or lung conditions, while red or black nails often happen as a result of trauma—the color due to blood pooling under the nail.

In any case, it is wise to make an appointment with Richardson Podiatry Associates to diagnose what is causing the discoloration of your toenails. Some problems will get progressively worse without treatment, or you could have a serious underlying condition that needs to be addressed. Contact Dr. Gene Reister at our office in Richardson, TX by calling (972) 690-5374 today.