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When should I replace my running shoes?

As a general rule, you should replace running shoes every 300-500 miles, but this constitutes quite a range and you need to factor in other considerations as well.

If you opt to wear “minimalist” shoes—models falling between traditional and barefoot running shoes—the range is closer to 200-400 miles. The same holds true for racing flats. These shoes are constructed from less material and considered not to be as durable as other ones.

In addition to a mileage range, which at least provides a starting point, it is important to study your footwear and listen to your body. A key indicator of wear-and-tear on running shoes is the outsole. The rubber outsole makes contact with the ground and its tread wears away over time.

A less visible indicator of worn out running shoes is the feeling of “flatness” from the midsole as it breaks down. This means the footwear doesn’t have the same “bounce” it previously had.

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