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What Types of Allergies Affect Your Feet?

How Allergies Affect FeetAllergic reactions are responses by your body’s immune system to some sort of trigger. Many people are familiar with animal or food allergies, but do not realize that foot allergies exist until they begin to feel the symptoms of this particular problem.

Contact dermatitis of the feet occurs when direct contact is made with substances like detergents, certain fabrics, latex, solvents, or poisonous plants. These irritants can all invoke allergies of the skin and lead to reactions that are uncomfortable or even painful.

Angioedema is a skin disorder resulting in welts that are itchy and possibly painful. This condition is triggered by such substances as animal dander, insect bites, eggs, shellfish, berries, and pollen.

If you live in the Richardson, TX area and have itchy or painful welts on your feet, schedule an appointment with Richardson Podiatry Associates today by calling (972) 690-5374. Come in and let Dr. Gene Reister determine if you have foot allergies and provide the medical attention you need.

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