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What Should I Look for in my Child's Feet?

How to protect child's feetFoot pain is not normal and any pain that affects your child’s walking and activity level for more than a few days should be looked at. Below are some common conditions your child may face.

If their toenail is red, inflamed and/or infected, it is likely an ingrown toenail that needs treatment. The nail has curved downward and is growing into the surrounding skin. This can be very painful. A bump on the bottom of the foot may be a plantar wart that can spread and cause difficulty walking if left untreated. If your child’s foot lacks an arch, it is called flatfoot, and this condition may need intervention if he or she complains of foot pain or cramping in their feet or legs.  Finally, repetitive stress from high impact sports could lead to Sever’s disease, an injury to the growth plate at the back of the heel. Seek treatment should your child complain of heel pain.

We treat all ages and foot conditions at Richardson Podiatry Associates, so contact us any time you have a concern about your child’s foot health. Call Dr. Gene Reister at (972) 690-5374 to make an appointment at our office in Richardson, TX.

Photo credit: Stuart Miles via freedigitalphotos.net