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What happens when an ankle is sprained?

Ankle sprain xray

Ankle sprains are common sports injuries, yet not many people are familiar with what happens when an ankle is sprained. To help you understand this injury, let’s start by looking at the anatomy of the ankle.

This anatomical structure consists of several bones—specifically, the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula), the ankle bone (talus), and the heel bone (calcaneus)—connected by various ligaments. The lower leg bones sit upon the ankle bone, which sits upon the heel bone.

There are two ankle joints – the “true” ankle joint and the subtalar joint. The true ankle joint is located where the leg bones connect to the talus. The subtalar joint is formed where the talus connects to the calcaneus.

An ankle sprain occurs when a twisting force on the foot or lower leg causes ligaments to extend beyond their intended range. This leads to swelling, bruising, ankle instability, and pain.

Generally, you can care for an ankle sprain at home, but keep in mind that we are here to help if you need assistance or the condition is not improving. Call Richardson Podiatry Associates for additional information at (972) 690-5374 or request an appointment with our Richardson, TX office online.