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What Foods Should I Avoid When I Have Diabetes?

When you have diabetes, you simply can’t throw caution to the wind. The condition requires a strong discipline to maintain a healthy diet, which will keep your glucose levels under control and help you avoid the serious complications that can arise with bad eating. With diabetes, foods to avoid can be found in most parts of the food pyramid. Here’s a list:

Avoid white flour, processed grains, sugary cereals, fried foods, canned vegetables with lots of added sodium, vegetables with lots of butter or cheese sauces, canned fruit with heavy syrup, sweetened jams, fruit juice drinks, and the consuming of cheese on a regular basis. None of these food items will add nourishment to your diet—only problems.

If you need help creating a healthy meal plan or require diabetic foot care, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Gene Reister at Richardson Podiatry Associates for help. You can reach our Richardson, TX, office at (972) 690-5374.