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What conditions do orthotics help?

Benefits of Custom OrthoticsOrthotics are customized medical devices intended to treat a variety of medical conditions that can lead to pain and discomfort. These are different than the over-the-counter inserts that can be purchased in retail stores and should only be used for extra cushioning or arch support. Whereas those inserts are not able to assist with medical issues, there are a variety of conditions orthotics treat—when created by our office for your specific needs.

Medical inserts can be an effective, essential component of treating a wide range of conditions, including metatarsalgia, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, bunions and bunionettes, tarsal tunnel syndrome, flat feet, hallux rigidus, corns and calluses, cavus foot, Morton’s neuroma, and hammertoes, claw toes, or mallet toes.

When you need first-class foot and ankle treatment, Richardson Podiatry Associates is here for you. We are experts in preparing customized inserts that effectively address whatever medical condition ails you. Make an appointment with our Richardson, TX office by calling (972) 690-5374 or using our online form.