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What are my treatment options for heel pain?

Stretch for heel painIf you suffer from heel pain, and there are millions of Americans who do, you will likely be relieved to know there are ways to effectively address it. When it comes to treatment options for heel pain, some of the more effective ones include:

  • Stretching. A couple of key connective tissues anchor to the heel bone. When these tissues—the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia—face excessive tension, heel pain can develop. Stretching your lower limbs can help with this.
  • Medication. One of the best benefits with certain medications is not actually pain relief, but rather anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Footwear choices. Shoes with ample cushioning in the heel and strong arch support can improve conditions that cause heel pain.
  • Rest. In many cases, heel pain comes as the result of overuse. Accordingly, taking time away from high-impact activities or, even better, cross-training with low-impact activities will help.
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