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Is it possible for a bone to break in the middle of your foot?

It is certainly possible for the bones in the middle of the foot to break. They may seem well-protected, but a Lisfranc bone fracture can happen due to either physical trauma or tremendous amounts of chronic physical stress.

In addition to fractures in the midfoot, other potential injuries include sprains and dislocations. All three of these injuries share some common symptoms, including swelling, bruising, and pain in the top of the foot. Bruising can also be observed on the bottom of the foot as well.

If you are experiencing pain or difficulty in the midfoot, or any other area of your foot or ankle, let Richardson Podiatry Associates take a look and provide the treatment you need. Call us for more information about our foot care services at (972) 690-5374 or take a moment to fill out our online form to request your appointment with our Richardson, TX office right now.