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Is Wearing Shoes Necessary with Diabetes?

Shoes for diabetic feetThere are two very common and serious complications that can affect a person with diabetes: nerve damage and poor circulation. Also called neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease, these two conditions require wearing shoes so your feet will always be protected.

Nerve damage inhibits your ability to feel heat, pain and cold. This means that if you are barefoot, you are at risk for stepping on a sharp object or sustaining a cut, scrape or burn without knowing it. Poor circulation can then slow down the healing process, and a small problem could turn into a serious infection or worse. The sidewalk to your mailbox, the grass in your backyard, and even the carpet in your own house can pose a danger to bare feet. Kick your shoes off while relaxing on the couch, but if you are going to walk anywhere, protect your feet in a supportive pair of shoes.

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Photo Credit: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay.com