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Is Sever's Disease Preventable in Children?

Prevent Sever's Disease in ChildrenThere are a few specific foot conditions for which children in particular are at risk. Sever’s disease is a painful disorder that occurs in the growth plate of the heel where the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia attach to the bone. It is a common reason for heel pain in children around the ages of 9-13 whose growth plate has not yet matured and fused to the heel bone.

While this is a condition that can occur in any child, there are aggravating factors of which to be aware.  By eliminating these, you are more likely to prevent the problem from developing. Once such factor is repeated stress from high impact activities. So if your child is in track, basketball, gymnastics, or soccer, ensure they have proper footwear and do not allow them to overdo it. Plenty of rest amidst a sports season is important too. Obesity contributes to stress on the heel so addressing any health concerns will reduce your risk for this disorder. Finally, in addition to protecting their feet with proper footwear and monitoring activity level, consider orthotics to correct high arches or flat feet which can play a part in Sever’s disease as well.

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