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Is Sever's Disease Causing my Child's Heel Pain?

Causes of heel pain in childrenWhere the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia attach to the heel bone is a growth center that is vulnerable during a child’s growing years. Until it fuses to the heel bone, repeated strain or excessive tension on this area could lead to significant heel pain and discomfort.

If your child is around the age of 8-15, is involved in sports that require a lot of running and jumping (such as gymnastics, basketball, baseball, football or track), and has pain at the back of the heel bone, it is possible Sever’s disease is to blame. Having a pronated foot, high arches, flat feet, and obesity are other contributing factors for this condition. If your child experiences redness, swelling, difficulty walking, heel pain in the morning, and pain if you squeeze the heel on both sides, contact Dr. Gene Reister for a complete evaluation to determine if the injury is due to Sever’s disease.

You can reach Richardson Podiatry Associates in Richardson, TX by calling (972) 690-5374. Make your child’s foot health a priority and call as soon as symptoms appear.

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