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How is Clubfoot Treated?

Clubfoot Treatment OptionsClubfoot is a congenital foot condition in which the feet are turned down and in so the bottom of the foot points in or up. Clubfoot treatment begins soon after birth, so that the child gains a functional foot with normal mobility.

It involves manipulation and casting using the Ponseti method to correct the abnormality. The casting is repeated every 1-2 weeks for 2-4 months. After this period, if the feet still need help getting into normal positioning, surgery may be required. It usually involves lengthening or releasing ligaments and tendons and/or repositioning the bones of the ankle. Braces or splints are needed after either method to protect the feet and keep them in the correct position. If started right away, most children respond very well to these forms of treatment and have no long-term pain or side effects.

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Photo Credit: GLady via Pixabay.com