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How does pregnancy affect my feet?

Pregnancy affects a woman’s body in many ways, and there is so much happening during the nine months, which means it’s not surprising that feet can be overlooked. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any changes or increased risk of issues with the lower limbs, though. 

Some of the ways in which pregnancy affects feet include: 

  • Edema – Feet and ankles can become swollen from excess fluids. 

  • Bigger feet – The body releases a hormone known as relaxin, which causes ligaments, including those in your feet, to loosen. Foot growth can also be attributed to the extra weight they are now carrying. 

  • Fallen arches – In addition to contributing to foot growth, extra weight can also cause foot arches to collapse. 

  • Plantar fasciitis – This overuse injury that causes heel pain is common for all adults, but extra stress on the plantar fascia increases the risk during pregnancy. 

  • Muscle cramps – Pregnancy leads to more frequent muscle cramping, especially at night during the second trimester. 

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