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How Do I Reduce Arthritis Joint Pain?

We understand that the pain from arthritis can have a huge impact on your activity level and even your quality of life. While it tends to get worse with age, there are some effective ways to reduce your joint pain and prevent further inflammation.

If you are carrying extra weight, this is adding pressure on your joints, so weight loss is one way to reduce pain. Second, while you may not always feel up to it, exercise is very beneficial, as it keeps joints flexible and strengthens the muscles surrounding your joints. An ice pack can bring relief and reduce inflammation, and at the end of the day a moist heating pad will help keep your joints loose. You can also combat pain and stiffness with omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil supplements and gamma-linolenic acid. Lastly, avoid smoking and ask your doctor which over-the-counter pain medications may be of benefit to ease your discomfort as well.

If you are struggling with arthritis pain in your foot or ankle, contact Dr. Gene Reister to get effective relief. Call our office in Richardson, TX at (972) 690-5374.