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How Do I Know if I Have an Ankle Sprain?

A roll of the ankle can happen to anyone—a small slip off of a curb or a collision in a sports game can leave you with searing pain. Even a little twist or turn can be very painful, but you may not know how much damage has occurred. An ankle sprain stretches the ligaments surrounding the joint beyond their limits. There are several degrees of stretching or tearing, but the symptoms are similar, just in different degrees.

Most often, a telling sign that a sprain has happened is the presence of pain and then swelling. When capillaries are broken, the leaking blood contributes to the inflammation. The increase in blood may also cause the area to feel warm, and your ankle may feel tender to the touch. You may also feel tenderness when you try to move or walk. Lastly, bruising is another symptom but it is not always present even if a sprain has occurred.

If you sustain an ankle injury, please contact our office for an accurate diagnosis. You can reach Dr. Gene Reister at 972-690-5374 or find more information online.