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How Did I Get A Bunion?

Bunions form when you put uneven pressure on the tendons and joints in your feet. The big toe may not be able to handle the stress and, as a result, may start to form a painful, bony hump at the joint. Look around you: bunion causes could run in your family. Your foot type, often passed down from your parents, can make bunion formation more likely. Additionally, some congenital foot conditions are present when a baby is born and can lead to a bunion later in life.

Family history isn’t the only factor. You may be more likely to get a bunion if you’re a woman. This is primarily due to shoe choices, which hasten the progression of this deformity. Women tend to wear high heels, pointy shoes, tight-fitting footwear, or poorly fitted flats. Diseases such as arthritis and traumatic injuries may change your walk and put more pressure on areas of the foot that aren’t used to the stress.

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