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How Can I Prevent Blisters?

how to prevent blistersIf you have had a blister develop on your foot before, you can relate to the discomfort even a small one can cause. A blister can be painful, make it difficult to wear shoes, and is vulnerable to infection if not treated properly. Luckily, there are easy and effective ways to prevent blisters.

If you are a runner, heading out on a long hike, or want to stop a blister that is healing from coming back, there are some helpful steps you can take. First, friction can increase when your feet are hot and sweaty, so do your best to make sure your feet are always clean, cool, and dry. Second, shoes need to be comfortable from the start--do not buy them if they need to be “broken in.” Buy shoes with a thumb’s width of space between the shoe and the end of your toes. Socks made of synthetic materials will wick moisture and reduce friction on your feet. Small pads or moleskin on pressure points will protect areas against friction as well.

Photo Credit: Alexis VIA pixabay.com