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Does Running Make Ingrown Toenails Worse?

If your athletic shoes are too tight, running could make ingrown toenails worse. In fact, your footgear may have been what started your issues in the first place. The problem is caused when extra pressure squishes your toes together. If you don’t trim your toenails straight across, they might poke into the soft skin around it and make it red and inflamed. When you run, your nail could pierce the soft skin and aggravate the area, opening it up to infection.

To prevent this, make sure you have enough room in the front of your shoes. Make sure they are laced properly to keep your foot from sliding forward in the shoe, too. If you already have the condition, try soaking your feet in warm water and putting a piece of cotton ball underneath the affected nail. If the problem persists, call the Richardson Podiatry Center at (972) 690-5374 to have Dr. Gene Reister take care of your infection.