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Do I need to treat my child’s flat feet?

Flat Feet in ChildUntil the age of 3, children have not started developing their foot arches and they all have flat feet, so no treatment is necessary. After that, there are two different forms of flat feet—flexible and rigid. Depending on your child’s specific situation, flat feet treatment may be necessary.

Flexible flat feet is a condition where the child does not have an arch when standing, but once he or she sits or stands on tiptoe, the arch appears. This condition is often painless and children will typically outgrow it.

Rigid flat feet simply means that an arch does not appear at all and his or her feet will be rigid or inflexible. With rigid flat feet, the odds are greater that your child will experience discomfort or pain and require treatment.

Whether your child has flexible or rigid flat feet, you should always visit Richardson Podiatry Associates if they are in pain. Dr. Gene Reister is a leading podiatry expert and our office is conveniently located in Richardson, TX. To make an appointment and get the pain relief your child needs, call our office at (972) 690-5374 or schedule with our online form today.

Photo Credit: Daniel St.Pierre via FreeDigitalPhotos.net