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What is the difference between a corn and a callus?

Corns and calluses are similar skin issues—both are thickened patches of skin that have developed for protective purposes—but they have unique distinctions. Specifically, they often vary in their appearance and where they can be found.

A corn is raised, often in a conical shape, and has a center that differs in consistency—either harder or softer—than the surrounding skin. They are frequently located in areas that do not bear weight, like between toes and on the tops of feet. Calluses are flat and typically found on weight-bearing areas.

Both of these skin patches are generally harmless, but they can pose a risk to those who live with diabetes. Either can ultimately turn into a foot ulcer, and that becomes a dangerous situation for a diabetic individual. If you find either of these conditions, schedule an appointment with Dr. Reister so he can provide the proper treatment to keep you safe.

No matter which of these skin problems is causing you issues, Richardson Podiatry Associates will handle the situation in an effective, caring manner. Our Richardson, TX office is here for all of your foot and ankle needs, so schedule your appointment online or call us today at (972) 690-5374.