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Can Neuropathy be Cured?

Treating Neuropathy in FeetCan neuropathy be cured? Well, there are several types of neuropathy and each can bring its own set of symptoms. At the root is nerve damage, which can impair your ability to move, talk, breathe, and feel heat, cold, or pain, depending on which type you have. We are well acquainted with neuropathy of the feet, which is a common symptom for those with diabetes.

Tingling, numbness, or even complete loss of sensation can happen when nerves become damaged due to high levels of glucose in the blood. Unfortunately, neuropathy is not a condition that can be cured. Damaged nerves cannot be reversed to become healthy once again. However, there’s a lot that you can do to prevent the damage from becoming worse. It is important to seek treatment at the onset of any numbness or loss of sensation in your feet. Dr. Gene Reister can help you manage your condition with a variety of conservative treatment methods and prevention strategies.

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