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Can kids get bunions?

Given their common affiliation with women’s footwear, it is natural to wonder if that protrusion you notice at the base of your son or daughter’s big toe is really a bunion. In all likelihood, that is exactly what you are observing, since children can develop these juvenile bunions.

Although it is not as commonly seen in kids as it is in women, a bunion may develop on account of issues with an inherited foot structure. Early treatment for this condition is preferred, to reduce the risk of the bunion increasing and becoming a greater issue. Additionally, that bony bump may cause pain and we would like to relieve your son or daughter of that possibility.

Fortunately, even though kids can get this particular deformity, the good news is that many cases are effectively treated with conservative methods. Whether this is the case, or your son or daughter requires bunion surgery to correct a condition that causes severe pain or lack of mobility, Richardson Podiatry Associates can help. Schedule an appointment for your child by calling (972) 690-5374 or contact our Richardson, TX office through our online form today.