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Get Answers to Your Questions About Foot and Ankle Problems From Our Plano Podiatrist

When you’re living with heel or foot pain, you don’t want to wait for answers. Get help fast by looking through this list of frequently asked questions with answers from our Plano podiatrist.

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  • How can I exercise with arthritis?

    Exercises to relieve arthritis painWhen you or a loved one suffers from stiff joints that cause discomfort or pain, it can be difficult to move around and perform normal, daily tasks. It might seem as though exercise will only make things worse. On the contrary, one of the top treatment methods is to exercise with arthritis.

    To use an exercise program as arthritis treatment, stop by our office. We can assess your current condition, recommend specific exercises, and help you establish goals. In all likelihood, we will recommend some combination of walking, water workouts, and resistance training.

    After talking with us, you may need to pick up a new pair of walking shoes and/or clothes to exercise in.

    It is important to begin your workout program at a light level and slowly progress in intensity and duration. This will give your muscles time to strengthen and avoid overworking affected joints. Easing into physical activity is always the best policy.

    For more information on the benefits of exercise for arthritis, simply give Richardson Podiatry Associates a call at (972) 690-5374. You can also schedule an appointment with our Richardson, TX foot doctor office online today.

  • What is A Good Diet for Gout?

    If you have suffered through an episode of gout, you can attest to the extreme discomfort that can arise. Gout is a complex form of arthritis that can be acute or chronic. When uric acid builds up in the bloodstream, needle-like crystals form in your joints and cause inflammation and pain. In the foot, this condition most often affects the big toe joint and the discomfort can be severe. The proper diet for gout will avoid foods that increase uric acid and could trigger an attack—this involves food high in purines in particular. Foods to avoid include organ meats, pork, chicken, duck, scallops, sardines, wheat germ, bran, oatmeal, refined sugars, asparagus, cauliflower, and beer.

    There are many more to the list and Dr. Gene Reister can help you create the perfect diet plan to avoid an attack. He can also provide effect treatment should you have recurring pain from gout attacks. Don’t hesitate to contact Richardson Podiatry Associates for an appointment today. You can schedule a request online or call our office in Richardson, TX at (972) 690-5374.

  • How Do I Reduce Arthritis Joint Pain?

    We understand that the pain from arthritis can have a huge impact on your activity level and even your quality of life. While it tends to get worse with age, there are some effective ways to reduce your joint pain and prevent further inflammation.

    If you are carrying extra weight, this is adding pressure on your joints, so weight loss is one way to reduce pain. Second, while you may not always feel up to it, exercise is very beneficial, as it keeps joints flexible and strengthens the muscles surrounding your joints. An ice pack can bring relief and reduce inflammation, and at the end of the day a moist heating pad will help keep your joints loose. You can also combat pain and stiffness with omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil supplements and gamma-linolenic acid. Lastly, avoid smoking and ask your doctor which over-the-counter pain medications may be of benefit to ease your discomfort as well.

    If you are struggling with arthritis pain in your foot or ankle, contact Dr. Gene Reister to get effective relief. Call our office in Richardson, TX at (972) 690-5374.