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Are There Ways To Improve My Circulation?

Yes, there are definitely ways to improve circulation. Even better, these methods that lead to a healthy blood flow will improve your overall levels of wellness and serve to prevent strokes and heart attacks. It also helps prevent foot problems like non-healing sores or swelling.

The recommended lifestyle changes that lead to improved circulation are centered on regular exercise, healthy eating, and smoking cessation. When using exercise to promote blood flow, it is important to start at low to moderate levels and gradually ramp up duration and intensity over time. A heart-healthy diet should be based on whole grains, vegetables, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products. Quitting smoking will not only lead to better circulation, but is a choice that has wide-ranging positive effects on the body.

For additional tips or treatment to handle tough cases of impaired circulation, contact Richardson Podiatry Associates. We will provide the help you need when you call (972) 690-5374. You can also use the online form to schedule an appointment with our Richardson, TX office.