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Are Bunions Treatable?

Are bunions treatable? Yes. Are bunions treatable without surgery? Yes and no.

We will always uses non-surgical options first. They will ease the pain but cannot make your bunion smaller or prevent it from growing. Conservative actions could include taking painkillers, putting bunion pads on the area, icing your toe, and wearing proper shoes with enough room to accommodate the bump on your foot. We can give you custom orthotics to support your feet better and ease your discomfort.

Surgery will be suggested only if noninvasive treatments have not relieved your pain. It will correct the alignment of your toe and may take away your bump altogether. However, you need to consider your age, health, lifestyle and severity of your bunions. The surgery could limit the mobility of your toe and keep you from activities you were able to complete before the procedure. 

If you need treatment for your bunions, don’t wait to get help until you need surgery. Call Dr. Gene Reister at the Richardson Podiatry Center at (972) 690-5374 or request an appointment on our website.