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How do I know what arch type I have?

There are three different styles of foot arches: high, low, and normal. The various arch types can play a role in developing certain ailments, so it helps to know which one you have. Here’s a simple test:

  1. Fill the bottom of a shallow pan with a thin layer of water.
  2. Place the pan on the ground.
  3. Place a paper shopping bag or sheet of heavy paper on the ground.
  4. Get the bottoms of your feet wet by stepping into the pan of water.
  5. Take normal steps onto the bag or paper.
  6. Examine the results. If you can see roughly half of the width of your foot in the middle part, you have a normal arch. If you see an entire footprint, you have a low arch. If you only see the front and heel, with perhaps a thin line bridging them, your arches are high.

Many problems that stem from high or low arches can be treated with conservative measures, like customized orthotics. Make an appointment to see Dr. Gene Reister if you have foot pain from your arches. Call our office in Richardson, TX, (between Dallas and Plano) at (972) 690-5374.