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When Other Treatments Fail – Foot Surgery

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HikingRichardson, TX has over 40 miles of walkways and trails for residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether you take your children to Galatyn Park Woodland Preserve or hike in solitude through Breckinridge Park, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the northern Texas outdoors.

It can be rather difficult to enjoy running around with the kids or your meditative nature walk, though, if you are dealing with heel pain. We can help you find the relief you need. Most of the time conservative methods work, but sometimes foot surgery is a necessary option.

Heels spurs are a condition where calcium deposits on the underside of your heel bone (calcaneus) have created a bony protrusion. This bone spur is not painful on its own, but it can harm soft tissue in the area, which does cause pain or discomfort. If you are having an issue, be sure to come in and have us take a look at it.

When we have diagnosed the source of your pain as being a heel spur, we will create a treatment plan that begins with conservative, nonsurgical methods of care. These often include such measures as stretching, physical therapy, custom orthotics, and medication. This form of treatment is successful in a majority of cases, but there are times when surgery becomes the necessary option.

The two primary objectives that can be achieved via surgical methods are releasing the plantar fascia or removing the problem spur itself. Releasing the fascia entails making a small incision in either the bottom or side of the heel and then freeing the ligament from the calcaneus. These are outpatient procedures and recovery will require icing, compressing and elevating the foot. You may need to use crutches, surgical shoes, or a cane and we may bandage, splint, or cast the affected area.

As soon as you start experiencing pain in your feet or ankles, you should come in to Richardson Podiatry Associates to get it checked out. There are many potential causes, but we will be able to pinpoint which condition is bothering you and then develop an effective plan to make the pain go away. Hopefully we can do so with conservative treatment, but you can find comfort in the fact that we also perform foot and ankle surgery when necessary. Call us today at (972) 690-5374 or schedule your appointment at our Richardson, TX office online.

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