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What to Do about Your Child’s Plantar Wart

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Children are usually on the go from one activity to the next but perhaps you have experienced a time when your child stopped long enough for you to help them put on socks and shoes or trim their nails, and you saw a hard spot on the sole of their feet that you hadn’t seen before. Chances are it is a plantar wart, and it is important that you get treatment started as soon as possible.

Warts are common and on other areas of the body are often harmless and go away on their own. When found on the foot however, a wart can be very uncomfortable and make it feel like you are constantly walking on a stone. If you are wondering how this thing even got on your child’s foot, the truth is that it is actually an easy virus to pick up. The human papillomavirus is to blame, and it usually thrives in warm, moist environments such as pools and locker rooms. A tiny cut, scrape or crack in the skin is all that the virus needs to invade and take residence.

Unfortunately, it can take some time for a plantar wart to fully disappear—possibly up to a year. A wart can spread, so begin treatment as soon as you see it. Dr. Gene Reister may start with over-the-counter prescription medications that help remove layers of the wart a bit at a time. Cryotherapy (freezing medicine), laser treatment or even surgical removal are other treatment options for painful plantar warts.

Your child’s foot health is important and even a small plantar wart can cause a great deal of discomfort and impact their activity level. It may take some time and patience but your efforts will pay off and your child will be free of pain! Contact Richardson Podiatry Associates for help today—call our office in Richardson, TX at (972) 690-5374.

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