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Treatment for Stress Fractures: Don’t Ignore the Symptoms

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x-ray of footThere are many young men who love the game of basketball and work hard just to be considered for the NBA. The game is tough, though, and a simple injury can actually be a season ender. Joel Embiid, for example, a center for Kansas, was considered one of the top NBA prospects. However, he suffered an untimely injury and needs surgery to repair a stress fracture in his right foot. Whether you are highly involved in athletics or not, don’t ignore symptoms that could be indicative of a stress fracture—there are many treatments available, and surgery can often be avoided with the right care.

A stress fracture is considered to be an overuse injury. This means that when the foot is overused and repeated stress and impact is put on it, there is a risk that a small crack can develop in a bone within the foot. When the muscles are overworked and can’t function up to par, the stress is transferred to the bones and sometimes the bones can’t handle it and a crack occurs. In the foot, the metatarsals, the heel and the navicular (a bone on the top of the midfoot) are most susceptible to breaking. Stress fractures are more apt to happen when you take your activity level too far. This means a jump in intensity, duration, or frequency beyond what your body can handle.

This kind of injury can go unnoticed and/or untreated for a long period of time—often misunderstood for fatigue or “just overdoing it.” Don’t ignore foot pain, especially when it gets worse with activity. It means something is wrong and it could be a break in a bone. Rest, protective footwear, and possible casting may be necessary and if ignored for too long, a fracture could require surgery in order to be fully repaired.

We want you to stay active doing the activities you love, so don’t tough it out or play through the pain—make an appointment with Dr. Gene Reister of Richardson Podiatry Associates in Richardson, TX. Call (972) 690-5374 or visit us online.

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