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Toe Sprains: Understanding Turf Toe

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Causes of Turf ToeTexas high school soccer season is in full swing! Thousands of student-athletes take to the field and attempt to put more points on the scoreboard than their opponents. Hopefully they will also take steps to prevent injuries. Even when the best prevention methods are followed, though, injury will always be a risk with any physical endeavor. In soccer, and most other sports, it is possible to end up with a toe sprain, stress fracture, or Achilles tendinitis. The good news is that many athletes make a full recovery.

Turf toe is often associated with football, but this toe sprain injury can happen in soccer, dancing, basketball, and other sports. All it takes is a big toe that doesn’t lift to push off in a stride—perhaps when a cleat has dug into the turf or when a basketball shoe has too much grip—and bends back beyond the point it is designed to (hyperextension). This sprains the ligaments around your big toe joint.

If you or a loved one suffers a sprained toe and experience such symptoms as swelling, pain, and limited joint movement from the base of the big toe, then it is likely that turf toe will prove to be the correct diagnosis. This ailment may result from either a sudden, forceful motion or repetitive injury. If it was a sudden incident, the pain will be experienced immediately and may worsen over the first 24 hours. With repetitive injury, the symptoms will slowly reveal themselves and worsen gradually over time.

No matter what kind of sprain you or your loved one has sustained, whether turf toe or a common ankle sprain, Richardson Podiatry Associates is here for you. Our Richardson, TX office is staffed with caring, knowledgeable professionals who know how to provide the effective treatment you need for a toe sprain, troublesome bunion, or whatever foot or ankle condition is ailing you. Contact us today by calling (972) 690-5374 or using our online form to request an appointment.

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