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The Problem with High Arches

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Problem With High Arches

One great activity for physical health—especially as part of a complete exercise regimen—is tennis, and Richardson, TX offers 22 public tennis courts throughout the city. If you are willing to shell out $2 for an hour and a half, you can also take advantage of Huffhines Tennis Center, which boasts 10 courts, a fully-stocked pro shop, and lessons and tournaments. There are a variety of ailments that might cause pain in your feet after hitting the courts, but complications of high arches is one possible culprit.

There are essentially three types of foot arch: high, low, and normal. Both high and low arches have their own respective problems that can be associated with them. High arches are not as common as flat feet and are often caused by either a neurological (nerve) or orthopedic (bone) condition. Whereas low arches may not cause a lot of pain, highly-arched feet often do, on account of stress placed between the ankle and your toes.

This condition is known as cavus foot, and it can create difficulty fitting into shoes and pain when walking. It is sometimes associated with foot drop, which results in your foot dragging when you take a step. Other issues that can arise from this condition include calluses, claw toes or hammertoes, and frequent ankle sprains.

Treating cavus foot can often be done with conservative methods, including corrective shoes or custom orthotics to improve your biomechanics and . Bracing is another form of treatment which works by stabilizing the foot and ankle. In some cases, surgery may be recommended, but this is not a tactic we would endorse without trying nonsurgical processes first.

When you have an arch condition that is causing you pain and discomfort, contact Richardson Podiatry Associates and let us help you. We have a professional, caring staff who will ensure that you receive the proper treatment to alleviate any issues caused by your high arches, and you could be calling “game, set, and match” before you know it! Contact our Richardson, TX office by calling (972) 690-5374 or using our online form to request an appointment today.

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