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When it comes to treating your foot and ankle pain, you want the latest, most innovative care. Stay current on what’s happening in the field of podiatry and find out how it relates to the care you’re receiving from our North Dallas foot and ankle doctor.

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  • Treatment Options for Black Toenails Dr. Gene Reister discusses treatment options for black toenails and reminds you to have discolored nails checked out at Richardson Podiatry Associates.
  • An Intro to Black Toenails It can be concerning to observe discolored nails. In many cases, black toenails can be related to running or tight footwear, says Dr. Gene Reister.
  • Best Treatments for Athlete’s Foot When you or a loved one suffers from the burning, itching sensations of athlete’s foot, you need treatment! Dr. Gene Reister discusses what to do.