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Keep Your Feet Happy While Exploring Dallas

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It’s a beautiful spring day in Dallas!

(At least we hope it is. We don’t know exactly when you’ll be reading this blog.)

Now that the weather is warm (but not hot) and the flowers are in bloom, maybe it’s a good time to shake off that winter rust and go get re-acquainted with this great city we call home! Whether you’ve just moved to the area or have lived here for 30 years, there’s always something new to explore.

Of course, if you’ve got a long day planned with a lot of activity, you’re going to want to make sure that your feet are up to the task! Nothing spoils a contemplative walk through an art museum or picturesque park like aching feet.

keep your feet happy

Plan Your Itinerary

Don’t get all dressed up without somewhere to go! The list of things to do in and around the city are, for all practical purposes, endless. But here are a few suggestions if you’re itching to get outside and moving.

  • Cruise the Bishop Arts District. Formerly home to empty warehouses and decaying storefronts, this district has undergone rapid revitalization in the last 20 years. Now, it’s one of the trendiest spots in Dallas, with amazing dining, independent shops and boutiques, and historic architecture.
  • Stroll the arboretum. How long has it been since you spent an afternoon at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden? Fresh air, beautiful flowers, open skies, and a stunning view of the Dallas skyline provide a peaceful, refreshing respite.
  • Hike the Katy trail. Following along the former Missouri-Kansan-Texas Railroad, the Katy trail weaves through the heart of Uptown and Oak Lawn, and even features a recycled rubber track alongside the concrete trail for runners. (The softer surface really cuts down on wear and tear!) It’s beautiful, too, and at only 3.5 miles in length you can easily cover most or all of it in an afternoon if you wish.  
  • Get your “scream” on. Who doesn’t love a day at Six Flags? If you want to avoid long lines filled with out-of-town tourists in the queues for Titan, New Texas Giant, or the SkyScreamer, hitting up the park in springtime is usually your best bet.

Sure, you might have done these before, but maybe not for years—and besides, it can be fun to be a “tourist” in your own town every once in a while!

Obviously this is only a very, very small sample of what’s available to you in the metro area. Check out an art museum. Explore your local park. Listen to some live music. Sample from the newest brewpub. Whatever you’re interested in, you can find it in the greater Dallas community.

Prepare Yourself

If you’re going to be spending most of the day exploring on foot, you’ll need to make sure you prep and pack properly.

  • Choose the right shoes. Make sure you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes (or running or hiking shoes, depending on what you have planned for the day) with a good fit and lots of cushioning and support. Don’t try to explore the city in flats or flip flops—that’s a recipe for foot pain!
  • Choose the right socks, too. Shoes are obviously important, but socks are often overlooked. You’re going to want a pair that’s comfortable, breathable, ideally seamless (especially if you have diabetes) and will wick away moisture. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, you may even consider bringing a backup pair.
  • Dress appropriately. Remember that the weather can change a lot over the course of few hours. Also, remember that if you’re going for a run, you probably want to dress as if the weather were warmer than it really is. Bring extra clothes and have a place to store removed layers as needed.
  • Stretch. It’s a good idea to stretch and warm up before a long day of physical activity. Take 10 minutes or so before you head out to warm up your muscles, flex your joints, and get ready for your day. It’ll help you reduce your risk for pain and injury.
  • Pack smart. You don’t want to lug a suitcase halfway across Dallas, of course, but you should always make sure you’re prepared. A bottle of water and a healthy snack—like fruit or a protein bar—are definitely wise to have on hand. A collapsible umbrella might not be a bad choice if you’re going to be stuck outside in Dallas in springtime, either.

Dallas Arboretum

Enjoy Your Day

So, go explore! Set out to conquer that itinerary—and if you end up getting sidetracked into a store, a park, a museum, or a restaurant that you never knew existed before, no worries! You might be astonished at some of the surprises you’ll encounter only a few miles (or even just a few blocks) away from where you live.

Rest and Recover

Once your day of exploration is at an end, it’s time to cool those aching feet!

A relaxing foot soak is an easy and luxurious choice for just about anyone after a long day. You could also try giving yourself a nice foot massage. Simply work from your heels to the balls of your feet with your hands—or even try rolling a golf ball or cold water bottle under your arch while you sit!

Hopefully you won’t feel too sore, but if your day was especially active (walking or running all day, tennis, other sports, etc.) you could probably benefit from a “rest” day afterward to let your feet and joints recover.

That doesn’t mean you have to sit on the couch all day, of course—you just might opt for some low-impact work instead, like riding your bicycle or going for a swim.

And if foot pain persists—or even forced you to cut your day of exploration short—make sure you book an appointment to see Dr. Gene Reister at Richardson Podiatry Center.

Not only do we provide prompt, high-caliber treatment for all painful ailments of the feet and ankles, but we also assess your biomechanics and help you prevent future injuries and pain through tools like custom orthotics.

If foot pain is keeping you from re-acquainting yourself with our wonderful community, give us a call today at (972) 690-5374. We can help!

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