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10 Ways to Get the Stink Out Of Your Shoes

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How to clean smelly shoes Foul-smelling footwear can be a source of tremendous embarrassment, but there are easy ways to help this situation. Let’s get right into it and look at 10 ways to get the stink out of your shoes:
  1. If your shoes are made from material that allows for it, wash your shoes in the washer. Many athletic shoes are washable in this manner, but be sure to check the label first! Afterwards, dry them in an airy place out of direct sunlight, double-bag the shoes, and then place them in the freezer overnight (to kill odor-causing bacteria). In the morning, take them out of the freezer and put them back in the fresh air to let them dry completely.

  2. At night, stuff your shoes with newspaper. When you take the paper out in the morning, you will find that the funky odor is gone.

  3. When not wearing your shoes, put a dryer sheet in each one.

  4. Pick up some insoles that are made of cedar material, which is effective at resolving the issue of smelly shoes.

  5. Wash the funky-smelling shoes inside and out with soapy detergent and bleach (check labels for tolerance to these cleaners). Dry them completely in the fresh air.

  6. Pick up some cat litter—a natural deodorizer—and fill up two old socks with the fresh litter. Seal the mouths of the socks, place one in each shoe, and let them sit overnight. Come morning, the litter will have absorbed the foul odor.

  7. Take a cotton ball saturated with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the entire shoe. This is particularly helpful for shoes that aren’t washable.

  8. Kill scent-causing bacteria by microwaving damp shoes for 90 seconds.

  9. Sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes, let it sit overnight, and then shake out over a garbage can in the morning.

  10. Place one or two orange peels in each shoe at night and let them sit. In the morning, the shoes will have a pleasant odor.

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