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Stay Up-to-Date on the Latest in North Dallas Foot and Ankle Care

When it comes to treating your foot and ankle pain, you want the latest, most innovative care. Stay current on what’s happening in the field of podiatry and find out how it relates to the care you’re receiving from our North Dallas foot and ankle doctor.

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  • Understanding Big Toe Pain Because there are a variety of potential causes, Dr. Gene Reister takes some time to discuss some possible explanations for your big toe pain. Of course, if you want to get a definitive answer—along with effective treatment—your best course of action is to call and request an appointment with Richardson Podiatry Center.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Plantar Warts Plantar warts are frequently misunderstood in a variety of ways. There are false myths ranging from how they develop to what you can do to get rid of them. Dr. Gene Reister takes the time to set the record straight and give you the full story of plantar warts. If you need professional treatment to eliminate a wart on your foot, be sure to contact Richardson Podiatry Center today!
  • Eating Habits to Help with Gout Dr. Gene Reister discusses gout, including eating habits to prevent intense pain caused by this arthritic condition.
  • Why Does the Inside of My Ankle Hurt? Dr. Gene Reister discusses likely sources of pain on the inside of an ankle, but make sure to see Richardson Podiatry Center for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Faster Injury Recovery with Orthotics There are many ways to recover from an injury. Using orthotics in your recovery may lead to faster results and may lessen your chances of needing surgery.
  • How Orthotics Help Back Pain If you are having pain in your lower back, the problem might actually be at your feet. Dr. Reister discusses how orthotics may be able to help.
  • Preventing Common Women’s Foot Issues Some foot issues are more likely to affect women than others, but this doesn’t have to be the case if you know how to prevent them from happening.
  • Finding the Right Running Shoes Need some help knowing how to find the right running shoes? Dr. Gene Reister highlights three things to look for to ensure they’re right for you.
  • Foot Care Resolutions for 2016 The New Year’s holiday is a time to think about what you want to accomplish during the upcoming year. Dr. Gene Reister suggests foot care resolutions.
  • Causes of Athlete’s Foot Having an understanding of how athlete’s foot is transmitted is a first step in being able to prevent his common fungal infection, says Dr. Gene Reister.